Personal Game Archaeology–Another Dig

Personal Game Archaeology

Grumpy Note: This document was created with Word. Formatting was apparently lost in pasting it into this blog form. Sorry.

WHAT THIS IS: For the last couple of weeks, I have been going through some of my old papers and manuscripts saved from the distant past, throwing away the real trash, and sending the notes, papers, and documents off to Tim Hutchings with the implied hope that they will be saved by a college somewhere. Some of it just seems too interesting to me to just ship off and forget forever, and I have been putting that in this blog. I have always wanted to turn T & T into some form of MMORPG. This appears to be an outline–notes for such a game design. I don’t know if this has interest for anyone other than me, but I’m putting it up. Game companies, if you see anything you like, contact me. Let’s make this, or something like it, happen.

Note: although I am typing all this out instead of simply scanning it into the computer, I am retaining all spellings and thoughts about the world and game between then (?–probably sometime around 2009) and now (2015).


(a screen shot from the T & T computer game that did happen back in 1991)


  1. Main World–Rhalph
  2. Two Continents
  3. Dragon Continent
  4. Swan Continent
  5. Several Islands
  6. Gull
  7. Kazad
  8. Sea of Mystery Isles
  1. Time Advances on Rhalph
  2. Founding of Khazan = 0 A.K.
  3. Rise of Lerotra’hh = 600 A.K.

C Fall of Khazan–Surrender & banishment = 666 A.K.

  1. Rise of Khosht = 700 A.K.
  2. Rise of Knor = 800 A.K.

E1. Ranger-Khazan War = 900 A.K.

  1. Disappearance of Khara Khang = 1365 A.K.
  2. Return of Khazan = 1366 A.K.
  3. Defeat of Lerotra’hh = ???–depends on players.

III. Cyclical Events on Rhalph

  1. Ranger Marauding–starts at 800 A.K. and flares up again every 50 years.
  2. Dragon Infestations–starts at 200 A.K. & repeats every 200 years (Create 100 dragons & stash them around the map.)
  3. Great Famines–starts at 150 A .K.. Price of food goes up by factor of 10 . . . stays high for 7 years, then goes back down. Repeats every 64 years.
  4. Troll-Uruk Migrations. Starts in 111 A.K. Every 111 years every mountain square on board visible on player’s map becomes a monster                                       generating square & produces monsters–Orc & Trolls & Magmons                              which move to attack players.
  1. Character Classes (more than the 3 of T & T)
  2. Warriors–no magic–great in combat
  3. Rogues–limited magic–7 spells
  4. Wizards–Unlimited magic–no healing
  5. Healers–Unlimited healing–no other magic
  6. Merchants–no magic, good combat
  7. Alchemists–produce enchanted items (work for days to enchant things)
  8. Farmers–no magic–poor combat–produce food
  9. Miners–stone magic only
  10. Barbarians–weather magic–great combat
  11. Brigands–no magic–average combat–hostile
  12. Seamen–no magic–average combat
  13. Pirates–no magic–good combat–hostile
  14. Scouts–Invisibility–good combat
  15. Bards–High Charisma–3 spells–poor combat
  16. Scholars–High Intelligence–1 spell–poor combat
  17. Priests–Attribute Magic–poor combat
  18. Workers–No magic–poor combat
  19. Death handers–No magic–great unarmed combat
  20. Technos–No magic–sf devices
  21. Immunes–No magic–immune to magic–average combat
  1. Character Races
  2. Humans = All Att. X 1
  3. Uruk = STR X 1.5, SPD X 3/4, CON X 1.5, CHR X .5
  4. Troll = STR X 4, SPD X 1/2, CON X 4, SIZ X 2
  5. Elves = STR X 2/3, SPD X 3/2, IQ X 3/2, CHR X 3/2, SIZ X 5/4
  6. Dwarves = STR X 2, SPD X 2/3, CON X 2, SIZ X 1/2
  7. Ratlings = STR X 1/2, CON X 3/2, DEX X 3/2, SIZ X 1/3
  8. Reptiloids = STR X 1.5, SPD X 2/3, CON X 2, DEX X 1/2, SIZ X 2/3
  9. Merpeople = STR X 2–must stay in water–no legs
  10. Leprechauns = All Att. X 3/4, SPD X 3/2–Automatic 2 space teleport when not on big map.
  11. Angels/Batmen = STR X 1.5, CHR X 2, Luck X 2/3, SPD X 3/2–Can fly in air.


Any race may contain any class–they cannot interbreed

Special talents:

Regenerate: Trolls, Reptiloids, some monsters

Darkness Vision: Uruk, Troll, Dwarves

Breathe under water: Merpeople

Fly: Angels, Batmen

Teleport: Leprechauns

Breed Easily: Human, Uruk, Ratlings

  1. Special Gimmicks
  2. Time passes–Seasons change continents; weather effects on characters
  3. 10 moves to day–5 moves to night. darken screen on large map. 5 moves really only to allow monsters to attack at night.
  4. Keep guard option

VII. Play Options

  1. Quest–the slow game at 15 moves per day/night
  2. Everyday life–100 days per move. births, deaths, marriages, success, failure, robbery, invasions, work, disease, training, use up money,                                news, rumors, developing history

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  1. Quest

Large Map–Encounters–Gates–Distance, Time, Other Worlds

City Maps–Random Encounters–Enlist Delvers, gain levels, buy objects,                                 random encounters, clues, conversations

Dungeons–Underground catacombs–magic items, wealth, monsters, lore,                              legends, etc.

Wilderness Areas–Elven Forests, Dwarven Cities underground, Trollish                                  Caverns with Uruks, Undersea cities & grottos, Reptiloid Desert areas

  1. Everyday life

Text menus–character chooses activity, saving rolls made & a random                                    outcome

50% chance that nothing happens

30% chance of going broke

10% chance of violence

5% chance of children

5% chance of disease

IX Gates

  1. Distance gates–simple teleport gates located in far north, south, east, & west. also to some unknown islands and isolated areas.
  2. Other Worlds–Going through activates a world-building program a la 7 Cities of Gold. Player puts in a new disk–answers a few questions to                                     set world parameters. New world has same kind of environment as                             Rhalph, but are timeless & tend to be all one sort of thing (i.e. all                               desert, all forest) Find a way to plant things in new worlds that makes                         the trip worthwhile.
  3. Time Gates–some quests can only be done at certain periods of history. Game is on time track so characters ought to be able to jump back &                          forth between eras.


My notes end here. What was I thinking? I don’t remember. Ambitious design for a computer game? Yes, very. It never got past this.

Ken St. Andre, April 7, 2015.

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